Wrapables Chunky Sparkling Glitter for Hair Face Makeup Nail Art Decoration (8 Colors), Rainbow Star Powder

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SKU: A71971

Product Details

Our sparkling glitter is the perfect makeup accessory for those who want to stand out. Use the glitter for festivals, concerts, parties, or whenever you want to look special. Each container consists of a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to match your cosmetic needs. Choose from fine silver glitter powder, trendy black and gold stars, or chunky hexagons to create that special look. The glitter has a mix of shapes and sizes ranging from 1-3 mm. Easy to apply on your face, hair, body, and nails.

  • BEAUTIFUL GLITTER: Set of 8 jars of glitter in various colors, from fine glitter powder to chunky hexagons and stars. Glitter is a mix of sizes ranging from 1mm-3mm. Sparkling glitter to apply on your face, hair, body, or nails to give you a one-of-a-kind look. Great for parties, festivals, concerts, etc.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Glitter can also be used to decorate your cellphone, glasses, cards, etc. They can also be used for arts & crafts projects.
  • APPLYING ON NAILS: Apply glitter on nails after you apply a coat of nail polish; add a top coat after polish has dried to seal it.
  • APPLYING ON FACE / BODY: First apply primer, foundation, or Vaseline to desired area and then apply glitter with a makeup brush. Eyelash glue also works for concentrated areas. To apply to lips, first coat lips with lip gloss and apply. Glitter washes off face and body with water or makeup remover.
  • APPLYING ON HAIR: To apply glitter to hair, use hairspray or gel, and apply glitter while hair is still wet. For eyebrows, mix glitter with hairspray and use brow brush to apply.

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