Wrapables Silicone Unbreakable Wine Cups for Camping, Picnic, Poolside, Outdoors (Set of 6)

Price: $15.99

SKU: A72102

Product Details

A set of six silicone wine cups, each in a different color. These cups are fun, portable, and unbreakable. Taking delicate wine glasses with you always runs the risk of broken glass everywhere; however, you will never run into that problem with our silicone cups. Fold them up and conveniently take them with you to picnics, camping, the poolside, and beach, use them outdoors and indoors. They are reusable and a great substitute for disposable plastic or paper cups. Using these silicone cups reduces disposable waste which is bad for the environment. Easy to wash either by hand or dishwasher.

  • UNBREAKABLE: Silicone cups are shatterproof, bendable, and resilient; never worry about broken glass from carrying around delicate wine glasses to your outings. They are also reusable and therefore better for the environment. Use these colorful cups in place of disposable cups.
  • USE: Fold the silicone cups down and easily take them with you anywhere. Use them at your poolside party, for picnics, camping, at the beach and more. Fill them up with any type of drink. The flexible design makes them super portable.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Dishwasher safe, can also be washed by hand with soapy water.
  • SIZE: 3 inch diameter x 4 inch height. These cups come in tumbler size that easily fits in the palm of your hand.
  • MATERIAL: Made from food grade silicone that is safe to drink/ eat from. 

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