Envirosax Tropics Reusable Shopping Bags, Tropical Garden (Set of 3)

Price: $29.98

SKU: A67964

Product Details

Come take a vacation with these lush Tropic Reusable Bags. Inspired by a tropical landscape in a far off place, these Tropic bags offer vibrant colors of lime green, crimson red, and paradise pink. The set comes with 3 bags which can be used for grocery shopping, as a lunch bag, going to the library, and more. Each bag holds up to 44 lbs., fully washable, water resistant and a great replacement for plastic bags. Sold as set of 3. Bag Dimensions (in pouch): 4" x 1.5". Bag Dimensions (unrolled): 19.5" x 16.5". Material: Polyester.

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