Wrapables Luggage Tags and ID Card with Attitude (set of 2)

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SKU: A63136
Blue, Hands Off
Green, Don't Touch
Red, Not Your Bag
Blue, No, It's Not Yours
Blue, Put It Back, It's Mine
Blue, Don't Touch
Blue, Not Your Bag
Green, Put It Back, It's Mine
Green, No, It's Not Yours
Green, Hands Off
Green, Not Your Bag
Red, Don't Touch
Red, No, It's Not Yours
Red, Put It Back, It's Mine
Red, Hands Off

Product Details

Travel with attitude with these fun and colorful Luggage Tags! The luggage tags are brightly colored to help you identify your luggage. They also feature sassy phrases to warn others away from what's yours. Phrases include: "Hands Off!", "Not Your Bag!", "Don't Touch!", and "No, It's Not Yours!". The reverse side of the tag includes an ID card for you to enter your contact information should your luggage become lost. Made with flexible PVC.

  • Available as a set of two in a variety of colors.
  • Dimensions: 4"L x 2.75"W. Material: PVC.

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