Wrapables Decorative Festive Wide Washi Masking Tape

Price: $8.99

40mm x 5m/Holiday Reindeers
40mm x 5m/Chinese Maidens
43mm x 5m/Chinese Paladin
45mm x 5m/Purple Stars
40mm x 10m/Fuchsia Floral Mystical
40mm x 5m/Holiday Animals
42mm x 5m/Brooding Gentlemen
40mm x 5m/Christmas Wishes
35mm x 10m/Vintage Furniture
35mm x 5m/Snowy Churches
35mm x 5m/Medieval Maidens
30mm x 10m/Seasonal Floral Deco
33mm x 5m/Christmas Scenery
30mm x 5m/Christmas Quotes
35mm x 5m/Eggnog & Mistletoe
35mm x 5m/Christmas Décor
25mm x 5m/Holiday Sprig
30mm x 5m/Merry Christmas Quote
25mm x 5m/Pink Floral
25mm x 5m/Alice In Wonderland Cards
20mm x 5m/Christmas Trains
Have fun decorating your stationery and art projects with these Washi Masking Tapes! Washi is a style of paper that is made by hand in the traditio...