Wrapables 200cm x 15mm Decorative Lace Tape (Set of 3) with Shimmer Gift Tags

Price: $14.99

SKU: A69900c
Light Green/Light Pink/Pink

Product Details

Get a little creative with gift wrapping with these Decorative Lace Tapes. These lovely tapes are ideal for decorating your planner, calendar, frames and photo album. Use them to give cards, gifts and journals a one of a kind look. These tapes are also great for scrapbooking, adorning desktop organizers, or any other creative project you have in mind.

  • Available in a set of three different colors.
  • Lace Tape Dimensions: 15mm Width x 200cm Length.
  • Lace Tape Material: Natural Fabric.
  • Comes with 20 tags (shimmer red 10 pcs; shimmer silver 10 pcs), cut string not attached to tags.
  • Tag Dimensions: 3.54 inch by 2.16 inch;
  • Tag Material: cardboard.

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