Wrapables Celebrity Inspired Temporary Tattoos in Metallic Gold Silver and Black

Price: $7.98

Sexy, Small
Meso, Small
Dragon, Small
Carefree, Small
Bahamas, Small
Wild Heart, Medium
Swallow, Medium
Egyptian Goddess, Medium
Quills, Large
Feathers and Chains, Large
Nature Spirit, Large
Celestial, Large
Triangles, Large
Skull, Large
Butterflies and Fairies, Large
Hearts and Bows, Large
Sassy, Large
Romantic, Large
Atlantis, Large
Tropical Punch, Large
Surfing, Large
Dream, Small
Peace and Love, Large
In My Heart Bracelets, Large
Stately, Large
Hindu, Large
Chains and Charms, Large
Leaves and Triangles, Large
Intricate, Large
Turquoise Decor, Large
Purple Goddess, Large
Feathers, Arrows, Pryamid, Large
Trinkets and Charms, Large
Prirate's Gold, Large
Gold Bracelets and Bands, Large
Rubix Butterfly, Large
Turquoise Bracelets, Large
Angel Wings_1, Large
Watches, Large
Romatic Butterfly, Large
Courage, Large
Paisley Lotus, Large
Vines & Leaves, Large
Live Love Wonder, Large
Sea Animals, Large
Labrynth, Large
Elephants, Large
Floral Paisley, Large
Look glamorous and sexy with these exotic temporary tattoos. These tattoos come in shimmery gold, silver, and black colors in a number of designs a...