Wrapables Colorful Decorative Stickers for Scrapbooking, DIY Crafts, Stationery, Diary, Card Making

Price: $10.99

SKU: A73213c
4 Sheets / Glitter Ribbons
4 Sheets / Glitter Hearts / Jelly Beans / Hearts / Letters
4 Sheets / Festive Ribbons
5 Sheets / Letters / Flowers / Party / Butterflies
4 Sheets / Dreamy
4 Sheets / Outline Cats / Royalty / Space / Butterflies
4 Sheets / Glitter Bears / Penguins / Rabbits / Koalas

Product Details

Its a celebration everyday with our colorful decorative stickers. Available in regular, glittery, and holographic designs that are sure to dazzle. These stickers are made with durable PET or PVC which will not rip or tear easily. They are great for framing photos, as decals for cell-phones, notebooks, tablets, mirrors and cups, or to decorate your journals and diaries, planners, scrapbooks and photo albums, stationery such as letters and cards, calendars. They can also be used for any type of arts and crafts project you like and as a part of your gift wrapping to personalize your gifts.

  • INCLUDES: 4 or 5 sheets of deco stickers, please check variation.
  • DESIGNS: Available in regular, glitter, or holographic designs. Choose from letters, jelly beans, hearts, rainbows, stars, ribbons, butterflies, flowers, fruits, party theme, bows, royalty theme, outer space, cats and more.
  • USE: Use to frame photos, as decals for cell-phones, notebooks, tablets, mirrors and cups. Great for arts & craft projects, decorating journals, diaries, planners, scrapbooks, photo albums, stationery, calendars, use as a part of gift wrapping. Peels off and sticks easily onto smooth dry surfaces.
  • MATERIAL: PET or PVC, durable and does not rip easily.
  • SIZE: Sticker sheet sizes can vary. Please refer to the size image for reference.

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