Wrapables Silicone Pot Holders, Multi-use Durable Flexible Non-Slip Insulated Silicone Trivet (Set of 4)

Price: $13.99

SKU: A71360c

Product Details

Safely deal with hot dishes using our Silicone Pot Holders. Grab dishes, pots, and pans out of the oven or stove with them, or use them as large coasters and hot pads to insulate your kitchen surfaces from the heat. These pot holders are flexible, durable and non-slip and can withstand heat, stains, messes, or anything you decide to throw at them. They can also be used as a kitchen mat, spoon rest or jar opener.

  • MULTIPURPOSE: Use these pot holders as a kitchen mat, spoon rest, jar opener, etc
  • HEAT RESISTANT:  Easily grab hot dishes, pots, and pans with these mats. Protect your kitchen surfaces from scalding by using these mats as hot pads.
  • PREVENT MESSES: Non-slip material prevents spills. Mat is also has ridges to reduce overflow.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Just wash with soapy water or place in dishwasher.
  • SIZE: 6.75" Diameter.
  • FOOD SAFE: Made from food grade silicon that is safe to eat on.