Wrapables Sunflower Coasters for Cups and Drinks (Set of 2)

Price: $9.99

SKU: A72689

Product Details

These cheerful sunflower coasters come in colorful floral design that will add character to your living space. Use them with glasses, mugs, cups, or any type of drink beverage container for wine, coffee, tea, beer, etc. The coasters are made with PVC material that can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures to protect your table surfaces from scratches, stains, or warping. They are easy to clean, simply wash with soapy water and rinse. Also makes a great housewarming gift, comes in a set of two.

  • INCLUDES: Set of 2 coasters for cups, mugs, glasses, and beverage bottles.
  • USE: Protects your tables and counter surfaces from hot and cold drinks which may cause warping or stains. Can also be used as a spoon rest, a non-slip mat for bowls, tea kettles, vases, and small flower pots.
  • DECORATIVE: Functional yet decorative. Colorful floral design gives your living space some personality. Makes a great house-warming gift.
  • MATERIAL: PVC. Made with waterproof material that is easy to clean, simply wash with soapy water and rinse.
  • SIZE: 4" diameter.