Wrapables Handheld Food Bag Sealer for Airtight Storage

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SKU: A71853c
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Keep snacks fresh with our handheld bag sealer. No more stale chips or moldy crackers. The bag sealer is small, convenient and easy to use. Simply plug in the sealer, wait 30-60 seconds, and press down on the food bag for roughly 1 second (the thickness of the bag determines how high of temperature is needed, if the temperature is too high, the bag may be burned). Not intended for paper bags, bags containing oil or liquids, Cling Wrap, Saran Wrap, or plastic wrap. Bags can be used for, snack bags, aluminum foil bags, pet food bags, and dessert bags. Also great for creating your own treat bags, special gifts, and stocking stuffer gifts.

  • KEEP FOODS FRESH: Avoid food waste by creating an airtight seal on bags to keep food fresh. Use on aluminum foil lined bags, snack bags, select plastic bags.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply plug in the heat sealer and switch on, wait 30-60 seconds for sealer to warm up, press down against food bag for 1 second.
  • MATERIAL: PVC plastic outer shell, Ceramic wavy heating plates.
  • SIZE: 7 Lx 0.75W 1.125H. Small and compact size allows you to easily store and move and store the sealer.
  • NOTE: Not intended to seal Saran Wrap, Cling Wrap, or plastic wrap. These types of plastics will melt on the sealer. Sealer is not a toy. The ceramic plates get very hot and can burn. Keep away from children.

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