Wrapables Long-Legged Gnome Plush Dolls, Winter and Holiday Tabletop Decorations (Set of 2)

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Our cute gnomes will get you into the holiday spirit. Place them on your bookshelves and tables, under the Christmas tree, by the window sills, or above fireplaces to decorate your living space during the holiday season. They also make wonderful Christmas and Holiday displays. The gnomes are weighted at the bottom to sit easily as a decoration without falling over. Made with soft plush materials, each gnome has a different outfit. Gnomes are mythical creatures in Nordic and Scandinavian culture that bring happiness and joy to those all around them. A great Christmas decoration that kids will love.

  • INCLUDES: Two gnome dolls in different outfits for decoration.
  • USES: Decorate your living space this holiday season with our adorable gnome dolls. Place them under Christmas trees, on bookshelves and tables, by window sills, or over the fireplace.
  • WEIGHTED: The bottoms are weighted so the dolls can sit easily without falling over.
  • SIZE: 20L x 3W inches.
  • MATERIAL: 40% Polyester, 20% Felt, 20% Plush, 20% Sand.

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