Wrapables Large Foldable Tote Nylon Reusable Grocery Bags, 6 Pack

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Product Details

Reusable bags are a fun and fashionable alternative to one-time-use plastic bags. Plastic bags are often only used one time and then end up either in our landfills or oceans and streams, damaging the environment and wildlife. Be kind to the environment by using our reusable nylon bags instead. Their large size allows them to carry more than the average grocery bag and they are super durable; they can carry up to 44 pounds. These reusable bags can be folded into the size of an iphone and stored conveniently away when not in use. Available in a variety of patterns that will make carrying your bags around enjoyable.

  • PROMOTES GREEN LIFESTYLE. Reduces trash from unwanted plastic bags, helps protect the environment and wildlife. Plastic bags can only be used once, while these reusable bags can be used again and again.
  • FOLDABLE. The reusable bag can be folded into a tiny inner pocket (about the size of an iphone) that can conveniently fit in your purse. Great for taking with you anywhere you want.
  • LARGE SIZE: 21 x 16.5 dimensions. Our large reusable bag can carry even more groceries than the average grocery bag. A 9 inch handle allows you to carry the bag over your shoulder.
  • DURABLE. Lightweight yet very wear resistant and does not rip easily. Made with nylon. Holds up to 44 lbs. waterproof.
  • USE: For carrying groceries, shopping, traveling and storage. (Sold as a set of 6 bags)

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