NurseEase(R) Organic Breastfeeding Shawl

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Avoid exposure and feel secure while nursing your baby with the NurseEase(R) Organic Breastfeeding Shawl. Lightweight and foldable for easy storage in your purse or diaper bag, this stylish shawl also features a floral design with black trim that strays away from your standard, plain shawls. Gain instant privacy wherever you need to nurse your baby, whether in restaurants, shopping malls, airplanes, or at the park. Cover up your front and back, while sitting, standing or walking all while keeping one arm free. Various sizes available. Each sold separately. Clothing size: (S, 2-6), (M, 8-12), (L, 14-18). Bra size: (S, 32-34), (M, 36-38), (L, 40-42).

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