Wrapables Silicone Cup Lids, Anti-Dust Airtight Mug Covers for Hot and Cold Beverages (Set of 6)

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SKU: A71247c
Cute Animal
Animal Ears
Charming Animals
Cat Ears
Rabbit Ears

Product Details

Keep the temperature of your drinks constant with these cup lids. Simply press on them slightly over your cup until it is suctioned and your hot drinks will stay hot, while your cold drinks stay cold. With its airtight seal, the lids also prevent spills and keeps dust out of your drinks. Use them on cups, mugs, wine glasses, or even small bowls. The different colored lids also make it easy to identify your cup during an event or get-together.

  • Sold as a set of 6.
  • Safely seal your cups to prevent them from spilling and to keep dust away. Simply press the lid slightly until suctioned. Can be used on cups, mugs, wine glasses, and small bowls.
  • Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Able to withstand extreme temperatures such as the freezer or microwave.
  • Dimensions:
    • Diamond: 4.25 inch diameter
    • Cute Animals: 4.375 inch diameter
    • Cactus: 4 inch diameter
    • Animal Ears: 4 inch diameter
    • Cat Ears: 4.25 inch diameter
    • Rabbit Ears: 4 inch diameter
  • Material: Non-toxic food grade silicone, BPA free. Does not emit odors.

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