39 Pocket Black Polyester Hanging Jewelry Organizer with 28 Holding Loops + Large Burgundy Silk Embroidered Jewelry Roll

Price: $19.99

SKU: A64658

Product Details

Save space by storing your jewelry in this Hanging Jewelry Organizer! There are 39 pockets on the front; each pocket is a roomy 3" x 5.8", which is larger than most comparable organizers. The pockets are capable of holding large and chunky jewelry, and have a clear vinyl front, so you can see exactly what you put in it. You can also put accessories such as beads, charms, and lace in the pockets as well. The back of the organizer has 28 loops to hold items that do not fit in the pockets, such as large necklaces and bracelets. The loops can also hold additional items such as belts, scarves, headbands, car keys, and wristlets.The organizer is made with a sturdy polyester material, and comes with a durable velcro top for you to attach the organizer to a hanger and place in your closet or any other convenient location. Dimensions: 38"L x 17"W. Material: Polyester, Vinyl.

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