Wrapables Colored Pencils for Sketching and Drawing

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SKU: A73888c
72 Count
48 Count

Product Details

Bring out the artist in you with our vibrant colored pencil sets. Available in a wide selection of colors for you to work with. The set comes in a sturdy box that protects the pencils and includes two pencil sharpeners. Perfect for any arts & crafts projects, these pencils can be used for drawing, sketching, or on coloring books. The pencils can be sharpened to draw intricate details. Use them to shade, blend and layer multiple colors for an exquisite masterpiece. Available in a set of 48 or 72 pencils. 

  • Available in a set of 48 or 72 colored pencils. Box comes with two pencil sharpeners.
  • A wide selection of beautiful colors for you to create your masterpiece.
  • Comes pre-sharpened in a box to protect the pencils. Makes a great gift for artists. 
  • Great for arts and crafts projects, use these pencils for coloring, drawing, or on coloring books. Perfect for those fine intricate details, these pencils can be used for layering, blending and shading multiple colors. 
  • Material: Lead, Wood.

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