Wrapables Crystal Glass Magnets, Refrigerator Magnets for Office Whiteboards, Cabinets, Lockers (Set of 12)

Price: $11.99

SKU: A73286c
Vibrant Trees
Marble Rock
Tree Love
Famous Paintings

Product Details

Decorate your living space with our colorful crystal glass magnets. Available in mesmerizing, vibrant designs that will add personality to your refrigerator, office space and locker. The magnets adhere to any metal surface such as refrigerators, whiteboards, lockers, metal cabinets and metal doors. Use them to hold your shopping lists, take out menus, photos, and artwork. 

  • COMES WITH: 12 magnets in vibrant colors to decorate your kitchen and living space with.
  • USES: Hold lists, photos, notes, artwork, takeout menus and more on your refrigerator, whiteboard, metal cabinets and metal doors. A great way to decorate your kitchen and living space. Strong magnets that do not fall off easily, firmly holds your papers, documents and photos in place.
  • SIZE: 1.19 inch diameter, 0.25 inch height.
  • MATERIAL: Crystal Glass, Magnet.
  • NOTE: The magnets can only adhere to metal surfaces. Can be used on refrigerators, whiteboards, lockers, metal cabinets, and metal doors.

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