Wrapables Multi-Color Retractable Gel Pen Set (5 pack), 0.5mm Fine Point, for Writing, Journaling, Drawing, Home and Office

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SKU: A74449
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Product Details

Elevate your writing experience with our colored gel pens, each set featuring a unique color scheme and each pen in a different ink color. With a 0.5mm point size, enjoy fine writing and precise lines in vintage hues. The smooth ink dries quickly without smudging or smearing, catering perfectly to left-handed writers. Refillable for sustainability, simply twist the barrel for a new refill. The convenient clip design retracts the tip and attaches to notebooks or pockets. Soft matte pen grips ensure comfort and control. From note-taking to sketching, these dependable pens are ideal for any task, anywhere.

  • Sold as a set of 5 pens. Each set has a different color scheme, and each pen in the set comes in a different ink color. Beautiful vintage colors for all your needs.
  • 0.5mm point size for fine writing. Comes in smooth ink that dries quickly and does not skip or bleed; no smudging or smearing, which is perfect for left handed writers. This pen is also refillable. Once the ink runs dry, simply twist the barrel counter-clockwise and insert a new refill.
  • Convenient clip design. Press the clip to retract the pen tip when not in use. The clip can also fasten the pen to your notebook, pocket or papers for easy access wherever you go.
  • Pens have a pen grip area consisting of soft matte material to prevent slippage and to allow you hold the pen comfortably without tiring.
  • Use these pens to take notes, write in your journal, sign important documents, or even to sketch designs. A dependable set of pens you will love using. Perfect for at home, in the office or at work.

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