Wrapables Insulated Neoprene Lunch Bag

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Product Details

Take you lunch with you on the go with these stylish neoprene lunch bags. Made out of soft and stretchy neoprene that is also found in wetsuits, this lunch bag will insulate your food for hours, keeping them hot or cold. The bag is also waterproof which protects if from spills and messes. Colorful designs and patterns will make your lunch fun to take with you wherever you go. Forget plastic or paper bags and go the eco-friendly route by using these neoprene lunch bags instead. Great for carrying lunch containers, canned drinks, baby bottles, or frozen treats.

  • Colorful and stylish bags that will make carrying your lunch around a fun treat.
  • Keeps your food fresh by safely insulating it for hours. Hot foods stay hot and cold foods stay cold depending on outside temperature. Carry your lunch containers (bag can stretch to fit many sizes), cold soda cans, warm baby bottles, and frozen treats in these bags.
  • An eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper and plastic lunch bags. This bag is machine washable and easy to clean; you can use it again and again after washing.
  • Dimensions: Approximately 11.5L x 6W x 11.5H inches. Flat bottom, but bag able to fold flat when not in use.
  • Material: Soft and stretchy neoprene made from wetsuits. Thicker than normal neoprene for higher quality and to better insulate foods. Also waterproof. Non-toxic, PVC free, and food safe.

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