Akhassa Heavenly Bath Gift Set

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Indulge your loved ones with this luxury Akhassa Heavenly Bath Gift Set. This limited edition gift set will help soothe nerves while its sweet smell promotes relaxed awareness and peace of mind. The Bath Gift Set comes with a Ylang Ylang Sea Salt Soak (4oz), a Jasmine Bath Mitt (3.5 oz), and a Ylang Ylang Body Lotion (2.3 oz) packaged in a gorgeous chocolate brown bamboo envelope, perfect for gift giving. The unique bath mitt is an exfoliating jute mitt filled with delicate scented jasmine soap beads that can be used up to 30 times. Must hang Bath Mitt to dry between uses. Akhassa is currently used in a number of Thailand's leading spas, such as Koh Samui's Four Seasons and the Barai (Hyatt's latest destination spa in Hua Hin).

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