Wrapables Coloring Washi Masking Tape, 30mm x 5M, Set of 3

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SKU: A72850

Product Details

Reduce stress with our coloring washi tapes. The set comes with 3 washi rolls in intricate designs for you to color your worries away. The washi can be colored with colored pencils, pens, and markers. Use permanent markers for extra vibrancy and colored pencils for a pastel look. Afterwards, decorate your stationery and art projects with these washi masking tapes. Use these tapes for decorating your diary, planner or calendar, taping up your photos or embellishing your photo album, or use them for gift wrapping and card making. These tapes are also great for scrapbooking or any other creative project you have in mind.

  • INCLUDES: 3 rolls of washi.
  • USE: Color the washi any way you want with colored pencils, pens, or fine-tipped markers. Intricate designs are great for relieving stress. Use the washi afterwards in your arts & crafts projects, decorating journals, diaries, planners, scrapbooks, photo albums, stationery, cards, and gifts.
  • SIZE: 30mm width x 5M length.
  • MATERIAL: Natural Fibers.
  • TIPS: The washi tape is waxed; it works well with permanent markers for coloring. Regular markers, ink pens and water based markers will work but don't absorb into washi tape as well, thus, the color is lighter.