Alphabet Dinnerware Collection

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Learn ABC's while you eat with the Alphabet Dinnerware Collection! Available in the collection are the Divided Suction Plate, the Sippy Cup, and the Covered Bowl Gift Set. Keep food separate and on the plate, rather than on the floor, with the Divided Suction Plate. Featuring three sections divided by raised partitions in the plate, and suction cups on the base, the Divided Suction Plate is perfect for active babies and will hold their attention with the cute illustrations and the English alphabet along the plate's edge. The Sippy Cup makes preventing spills fun with its easy sipping-mouthpiece and the cute worm and apple illustration. The Covered Bowl Gift Set comes with a bowl, lid, fork & spoon that are all covered in the adorable alphabet and animal cartoons. Bowl has removable suction base while the lid features an air-tight seal. Covered Bowl Gift Set: Bowl is 2.25"h x 6.25"dia. and holds 12 oz. Fork & Spoon are 5.25" x 1" overall. Each sold separately. 

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