Brocade Cell Phone Pouch

Price: $12.94

SKU: A62673
Color & Pattern
Red, Rose
Red, Pink Flower
Red, Gold Floral
Blue, Butterflies
Blue, Floral
Blue, Mythic
Pink Cloud
Pink Butterflies
Pink Kanji

Product Details

Protect your cell phone from scratches with a lovely Brocade Cell Phone Pouch. These elegant cell phone pouches are embroidered in silk with an Asian motif. The rich red colors compliment the elegant themes stitched into the brocade. The pouches are padded for extra protection, and have a knot closure. They are compatible with just about any type of cell phone (iphones, smart phones, etc) ipods, and other electronic devices. These pouches can also be used as various gift bags such as: jewelry (gift) bags, bridesmaid gift pouches, coin bags, and party favors. Available in various themes, each sold separately. Dimensions: 5"L x 2.81"W. Material: Silk.

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