Wrapables Grey Lacie Heart Elegant Toddler Leggings

Price: $10.99

SKU: A64341

Product Details

Have your little girl look like a sweetheart in these leggings. The sides have a heart that is surrounded in sparkling gemstones with lace roses on the inside, while a bow adorns the bottom of the heart. Lace cuffs at the bottom complete the look.

Available in pink or grey.


  • 90cm, child's height under 35.43 inches;
  • 100cm, child's height 35.43 - 39.37 inches;
  • 110cm, child's height 39.37 - 43.31 inches;
  • 120cm, child's height 43.31 - 47.24 inches;
  • 130cm, child's height 47.24 - 51.18 inches.

Material: Cotton.