Hand Carved Nephrite Jade Turtle Earrings w/ Wooden Gift Box

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Dazzle in our Hand Carved Nephrite Jade Turtle Earrings will add an eccentric touch to any outfit. Jade embodies the virtues of wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty, good luck and courage and Turtle symbolizes long life in Chinese culture. Our delicate turtle earrings are each hand carved out of jade and on sterling silver studs. Jade, the stone of heaven, has been prized throughout history. A stone of mystical power, ancient civilization valued jade as the most precious of all gemstones, the highest quality reserved for emperors alone. This jade is 100% certified pure, untreated, solid Nephrite Jade from the polar mountain region of British Columbia, Canada. Jade mined from this site is recognized as being of the highest quality and valued around the globe. Gift packaged in wooden jewelry box.

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