Kella Milla Gingham Sweetheart Apron

Price: $14.99

SKU: A64839

Product Details

With its checkered pattern and bow, this apron will make you look super adorable! The bottom flares out and is ruffly like a skirt. The apron also features a side pocket for you to hold your utensils while you work. The fabric is durable enough to withstand spills and stains, yet soft to the touch.

  • The apron also consists of durable, high quality stitching to ensure it will last a long time.
  • Dimensions: 26.5"L x 27.5"W.
  • Material: Cotton.
  • A functional and fun cooking and/or hostess apron! Images are taken from actual products.

*Note: Please carefully review product descriptions and images to ensure you are getting the authentic product before ordering. Many imitation designs may look alike but they aren??t the same in terms of quality. Kella Milla aprons are sold by Wrapables and ship from California.