Personalized Garden in a Bag for Kids

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SKU: A61005

Product Details

Inspired by the belief that all children are creative and all gardens are wondrous places, these Personalized Garden in a Bag for Kids are designed to stimulate the imagination and bring a little wonder back into the world. These Personalized Garden in a Bag for Kids are perfect for a child to express themselves and to design a personalized garden for their own enjoyment or as a gift for someone special. Crayons or paints (and a little creativity) are all that is needed to make a work of art that reveals the simple beauty of childhood and gardening. Simply plant the enclosed packet of seed in the leak-proof bag and water. They grow indoors year-round. Minimal packaging was used for a lighter footprint on the earth. Grow memories with a child. Available in Nasturtium, Sunflower and Tomato.

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