Peugeot Zeli Electric Salt Mill

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Peugeot began in the 19th century manufacturing pepper and coffee gringers. Till this day Peugeot still sets the standard in the kitchens of great chefs. A built in light comes on when the mill is in use. The Pepper Mill is equipped with a helix-shaped double row of teeth that guide and hold the peppercorns for a perfect grind. It has a patented treatment that protects the steel from corrosion while maintaining its sharpness and wear resistance. Black, white and dry green peppercorns with a diameter of 5mm (0.2") or less is recommended. The Salt Mill has a mechanism designed to grind cooking sea salt. It is made of stainless steel and is not sensitive to corrosion from dry salt. Dry coarse (dry sea salt or rock salt) with a diameter of up to 4mm (0.16") is recommended. Lifetime warranty. Wipe clean. Comes complete with a dish, 6 batteries and a spare bulb.

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