Purse Organizer / Bag Insert Organizer

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Keep your purse neat and organized with our Purse Organizer / Bag Insert Organizer. This organizer has 15 pockets of various sizes for you to store away your keys, cell phone, cosmetics, pens, planner, wallet and other various knick-knacks. Use the larger pocket to hold a book, water bottle, or camera. The front mesh pockets can be used to store transit cards, key cards, or any other item that needs to be readily available. The zippered pocket on the inside can be used to store valuables such as your wallet, or money. This organizer comes with two side handles that allow it to be easily taken out and put into a large bag if need be. It's so multi-functional, it can even serve as it's own independent bag; use it to store cosmetics, or as a travel bag, or just for keeping things around the house organized! Pocket Count: 15 pockets ?V 2 large outside mesh, 3 small outside mesh, 2 large outside, 4 small outside, 2 inside, 1 zippered inside, 1 large main. Dimensions: 10.75" x 3"W x 7.5??H. Material: Polyester, Nylonm

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