Wrapables 24 Sheets Multicolor Butterfly with Gold Trim Nail Stickers Nail Art Set (Multicolor Butterfly)

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Product Details

Our Butterfly Nail Stickers Set Nail Art come come with 24 sheets of Multicolor Butterfly with Gold Trim Nail Stickers. Each sheet is packed with tons of beautiful nail stickers to choose from! Easy to apply and to remove.

To use:

1) Apply a coat of your desired nail polish (recommend choosing a lighter nail polish color to ensure the nail stickers stand out);

2) Remove the nail sticker (recommend using a tweezer as each nail sticker is small & delicate);

3) Apply the nail sticker onto your nail;

4) add top coat for longer lasting.INCLUDES: 24 sheets of nail stickers (each sheet is packed with tons of butterfly nail stickers).

SIZE: 2.5"L x 2"W (per sheet).

DESIGNS: Beautiful multicolor butterflies with gold nail stickers - blue butterfy, gold butterfly, red butterfly, organge butterfly, pink butterfly & many more!

TIP: Nail stickers are small and fragile. Use a tweezer to gently remove each nail sticker.

USE: After applying nail polish, easily peel off the nail sticker (tweezer recommended) then stick onto your nail.

To remove: use nail polish remover

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