Wrapables 3 Sheets Dreamy Unicorns Nail Stickers Nail Art

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Product Details

Decorate your nails with our Dreamy Unicorn Nail Stickers. Comes with 3 sheets of nail sticker nail decals filled with tons of pink unicorns, rainbow unicorns, stars, diamonds, rainbows & more! So quick and easy to apply (and removes with nail polish remover). A beautiful way to decorate your next manicure.

To use:

    1. Apply a coat of your desired nail polish (recommend choosing a lighter nail polish color to ensure the nail stickers stand out);
    2. Remove the nail sticker (recommend using a tweezer as each nail sticker is small & delicate);
    3. Apply the nail sticker onto your nail;
    4. add top coat for longer lasting. To remove, simply use your nail polish remover. Add these nail stickers on top of your favorite nail polish color or gel manicure. Makes a great party favor or stocking stuffer!
    • INCLUDES: 3 sheets of nail stickers (each sheet is packed with tons of autumn themed nail stickers).
    • SIZE: 4"L x 3.15"W (per sheet); Each nail sticker varies in size.
    • DESIGNS: Beautiful pink unicorns, rainbow unicorns, cupcakes, stars, diamonds, rainbows & more!
    • TIP: Nail stickers are small and fragile. Use a tweezer to gently remove each nail sticker.
    • USE: Suitable for both children & adults. After applying nail polish, easily peel off the nail sticker (tweezer recommended) then stick onto your nail. To remove: use nail polish remover.

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