Wrapables Gold Nail Art Guide Large Nail Stencil Sheet

Price: $9.99

SKU: A70211

Product Details

Our Gold Nail Art Guide Large Nail Stencil Sheet is easy to apply and to remove. This large sheet of nail stencil measures approximately 4.7" x 2.75". Its large size gives you the flexibility to cut and shape the stencil however you like. Available in a variety of designs.

Simply cut the stencil to your desired size, paint your nails or add top coat, remove the stencil and apply onto your nail (tweezer recommended), apply your nail color, remove the stencil from your nail (tweezer recommended), then add top coat to seal. Voila! Nails done in minutes.

  • INCLUDES: 1 - approx. 4.7" x 2.75" adhesive stencil sheet.
  • USE: EASY to apply & EASY to remove; Use on natural or false nails.
  • SIZE: approx. 4.7" x 2.75".
  • RECOMMEND: Wait until your nail polish is fully dry before removing the stencil from your nail. We recommend using tweezers to remove and to apply on nail.

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