Wrapables Striped Japanese Washi Masking Tape

Price: $8.99

SKU: A64734
Black Chevron
Aqua Chevron
Diagonal Grey Stripe
Diagonal Green Stripe
Diagonal Multi-Color Stripe
Diagonal Pink Stripe
Black & Multi-Color Short Stripe
Clear & Multi-Color Short Stripe
Yellow Chevron
Gold Chevron
Pink Long Stripe
Red ZigZag
Green Arrow
Diagonal Blue & Green Stripe
Diagonal Gold Stripe
Pink Short Chevron
Yellow Short Chevron
Sky Blue Short Chevron
Red Short Chevron
Lime Green Short Chevron
Black Short Chevron
Gold Short Chevron
Silver Short Chevron
Diagonal Black & Grey Stripe
Black Long Stripe
Diagonal Kelly Green Stripe
Diagonal Green Block Stripe
Diagonal Black Stripe
Grey Arrow
Summer Stripes
Black Arrow
Red Arrow
Black ZigZag
Black & White Short Stripe
Purple & Gold Chevron
Diagonal Purple & Grey Stripe
Red Chevron
Diagonal Red Stripe
Popsicle Stripes
Light Yellow Short Chevron
Cherry Red Short Chevron
True Blue Short Chevron
Hot Pink Short Chevron
Black Tread
Gold Arrow
Lime Green ZigZag

Product Details

Washi is a style of paper from Japan that is made by hand in the traditional manner. It is made of natural fibers commonly from the bark of the gampi tree, mitsumata shrub, or mulberry. However, washi also can be made using bamboo, hemp, rice, and wheat. Our Washi Masking Tape is not only strong, but the decorative designs are attractive as well. Use these tapes for decorating your planner or calendar, tape up your photos or decorate your photo album with them, or use them for gift wrapping purposes. These tapes are also great for scrapbooking or any other creative project you have in mind! Comes in a variety of different patterns. Each sold separately.

  • Dimensions: Each roll is 15mm Width x 10 meters Length.
  • Material: Natural Fibers.