Wrapables Lightweight Forest Animal Infinity Scarf, Fox, Owl, Moose Print Scarf

Price: $12.99

SKU: A71519c
Owl Gray
Owl Sky Blue
Owl White
Owl Pink
Owl Black
Owl Midnight Blue
Fox Hunter Green
Fox Gray
Fox Midnight Blue
Fox Tan
Fox White
Moose Black
Moose Blue
Moose Red
Moose Gray
Moose White

Product Details

Friendly foxes, wide-eyed owls, and classic moose prints, oh my! These color animal prints scarves have personality and color. Made with lightweight viscose, they are perfect for any weather condition.  Fashionable scarves that will go well with any outfit. Wear them double looped or long, or over your head for protection.

  • Available in various colors and animal prints.
  • Wear the scarf double looped, long or over your head.
  • Lightweight and breathable. Great for keeping you warm during all weather conditions and seasons.
  • Dimensions: Owl: 19 inch width, 70 inch circumference. Fox: 34 inch width, 70 inch circumference. Moose: 33 inch width, 67 inch circumference.
  • Material: Viscose.

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