Wrapables Sheer Silky Feeling Falling Leaves Long Scarf Wrap Shawl

Price: $12.99

SKU: A71600c

Product Details

An elegant and beautiful scarf that is perfect for a romantic evening. This sheer scarf is light and airy, with colorful falling leaves to accentuate your outfit. It is perfect for pair with evening cocktail dresses and gowns or adding color to your everyday outfit. In addition, the scarf can be worn many ways to suit your needs. Use the scarf as a shawl, wrap, or head scarf. Wrap it around your neck, shoulders, waist, or use it to decorate your purse or hat.

  • Trendy and fashionable scarves that will add color to your outfit. Pair them with elegant evening wear for a majestic look or a hip outfit for personality.
  • Wear these scarves many ways, around your neck or waist, as a shawl, off the shoulder, or on your purse or hat.
  • Lightweight and breathable. The sheer material will limit sun exposure and keep the chills away.
  • Dimensions: 66.5L x 28W inches.
  • Material: Polyester Organza.

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