Wrapables 3 Rolls Decorative Washi Tape Stickers for Scrapbooking, Stationery, Diary, Card Making (300 pcs)

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SKU: A74197c
Mushrooms, Bunnies, Autumn
Bows, Seals, Violets
Vintage Scenery
Coffee, Kitties, Cakes

Product Details

Our Decorative Washi Tape Stickers come in lovely and elaborate designs you will love. The washi stickers are made with high quality washi paper that features several colorful sticker designs per roll. Choose from a variety of themes from our sets such as floral, nature, cats, rabbits, cottages, butterflies and more, to express your personality with these stickers. The stickers can be used individually or combined to create your artwork. Use these washi stickers for any type of arts and crafts project you like, they can also be used to decorate your journals and diaries, planners, scrapbooks and photo albums, collages, stationery such as letters and cards, calendars, and cell-phones. Use them as a part of your gift wrapping to personalize your gifts. They can also be used as decals on just about anything.

  • INCLUDES: 100 washi stickers per roll. Set comes with 3 rolls of washi stickers.
  • DESIGNS: Each set comes with different themed patterns to meet your DIY and crafting needs. Choose from floral, nature, cats, rabbits, cottages, butterflies and more. Several different sticker designs per roll, use the stickers together or individually to personalize your project.
  • USE: Great for arts & craft projects, decorating journals, diaries, planners, scrapbooks, photo albums, collages, stationery and card making, calendars, cell phones. Use as a part of gift wrapping or as decals.
  • MATERIAL: High quality washi paper.