Wrapables AllyBag Collection Reusable Shopping Bag

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Dark Retro
Galaxy Cats
Pink Peonies
New York
Purple Bougainvillea
Up Up and Away
Sunflowers Harvest
Floral with Green
Abstract Boho
Bright Retro
Koi Fish
Cranes & Lotus
Floral Cat
Cherry Blossoms
Midnight Floral

Product Details

Our stylish reusable bags are a great alternative to flimsy one-time use plastic bags. With its large and roomy capacity, these sturdy bags are perfect for carrying extra groceries, books, or for going shopping, running errands or traveling, while the tiny inner pocket can store personal items such as your phone, wallet and keys. With its double-layered reinforced handles, these durable bags are able to carry up to 44 pounds. The bags also have a seamless bottom, which is stronger than two pieces of fabric stitched together and prevents the bottom from tearing due to a heavy load. Lastly the bags are also water resistant, and will not fade after washing. These reusable bags can be used over and over again, thereby reducing plastic pollution. Simply fold them up into the inner pocket when not in use and take them with you anywhere.

Flimsy plastic bags are a threat to animals who mistake them for food or become trapped in them. They pollute our environment and waterways, and take hundreds of years to biodegrade, all the while releasing toxic chemicals into the environment as they break down. By using reusable bags instead, we can reduce the damage to our environment caused by plastic pollution.
  • Multi-Use Reusable Bag. These reusable bags can be used over and over again, preventing plastic pollution from entering our landfills and waterways. They are a great replacement for one-time use plastic bags, which are harmful to our environment. Use these stylish and eye-catching bags for groceries, as a book bag, running errands, or shopping in general.
  • Water Resistant Material. Made with nylon that is water resistant and machine washable (however, hand wash is recommended for extending the life of the bag).
  • Durable. With its double-layered reinforced handles and seamless bottom, the bag can hold up to 44 pounds.
  • Dimensions. Bag,17.25"L x 19.88"W. Inner Pocket, 5.5"L x 5.5"W. Handle, approximately 10 inches long.
  • Inner Pocket. The inner pocket can be used to hold your personal items such as your phone, wallet and keys. Fold up the bag into the inner pocket when not in use.

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