Wrapables Cat Face Zippered Pencil Case (Set of 2)

Price: $10.99

SKU: A70476c
Minx & Snowball
Cobby & Mimi

Product Details

The perfect pencil case for animal lovers. The case features an adorable cat or dog face with large eyes. Made with microfleece material, the case is soft to the touch, just like a pet. Use this case to not only store your pencils and pens, but your make-up, money, and smart phone as well. A unique novelty bag in various designs.

  • Sold as a Set of 2.
  • Lovely pencil case featuring adorable cats and dogs in different designs.
  • Perfect for animal lovers.
  • Can be used to store pencils and pens, make-up, money, and smart phone.
  • Dimensions: 7.75L x 1W x 3.75H inches.
  • Material: Polyester, Microfleece.

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