Wrapables Classic Vintage Apron, Stylish Cooking Apron

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Red Stripe
Black Stripe
Black Dot
Red Dot
Mysterious Black Lace
Red Hot Lace

Product Details

These stylish aprons are perfect for entertaining. The aprons are accented with a feminine cut and playful pattern to spice up your kitchen. The aprons also feature long waist straps that can tie in the front for the perfect fit. The lace aprons have two front pockets for utensils, while the dot and stripe aprons have a double layer skirt for extra protection. The aprons are perfect for keeping stains, grease, and dirt from soiling your clothes. Use them while cooking, baking, cleaning, or gardening.

  • FASHIONABLE: Stylish, vintage, pin-up aprons will have you cooking, baking, cleaning or gardening in style. Keep the stains, grease, and dirt away by covering your clothes with our lovely aprons.
  • SPECS: Lace aprons have two front pockets to hold cooking utensils. Long straps allow the apron to fit any size or shape; waist straps are long enough to tie in the front. Dot and stripe aprons have a double layer skirt for extra protection.
  • SIZE: Dot / Stripe Aprons: 26.5"L x 39.5"W. Waist 20". Neck straps approximately 27.5". Waist straps approximately 41.5".
  • SIZE: Lace Aprons: 25"L x 27"W. Neck straps approximately 25.5". Waist straps approximately 41".
  • MATERIAL: Cotton.