Wrapables Decorative Nail Art Decal Stickers

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Desert Bloom
Wild Side

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Spare your nails damage from nail polish painting by applying these nail art stickers instead. No special manicuring skills necessary, these stickers are easy to apply and will only take minutes. How to apply: 1. Select the sticker that best fits the size of your nail. 2. Remove the protective transparent layer to get access to the sticker. 3. Align the curved edge of the sticker to the round base of your nail and place the sticker gently over your nail. 4. Apply pressure from the base of the nail to the tip of your finger; be sure pressure is applied along the entire surface. 5. Remove the excess sticker at the tips of your finger nail. To remove: Place your nails in warm water for 8 minutes and carefully remove the sticker. Wash your hands after removing.

  • Available in various designs, each sold separately.
  • Comes with 14 nail stickers.
  • Easy to apply instructions provided.

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