Wrapables Easter Gift Baskets with Handle, Treat Boxes for Eggs, Cookies and Candy

Price: $10.99

SKU: A73761c
Set of 12 Vibrant Easter Eggs
Set of 8 Bunny & Plaid
Set of 6 Bunny & Easter Eggs

Product Details

Go on an egg hunt with our colorful Easter gift baskets and treat boxes. Made with lightweight and colorful cardboard. Each set comes with colorful Easter themed designs featuring bunny rabbits, chicks and Easter eggs. The baskets and boxes are perfect for Easter parties, egg hunts, Easter games, Spring parties, birthdays and picnics. Use them as favor or gift holders; they can hold Easter eggs, candy, chocolates, pastries, and treats. They also make great decorations and are easy to assemble.

  • DESIGN: Colorful and decorative Easter designs featuring bunnies, chicks and Easter eggs.
  • FOR: The perfect gift baskets and treat boxes for your Easter party, egg hunt, Easter games, Spring parties, birthdays and picnics.
  • USE: Makes a great gift or favor holder at parties. Use them to hold gifts, candy, chocolates, pastries, and treats in addition to Easter Eggs. Easy to assemble and also makes a great decoration.
  • SIZE: Varies by set, please see size image.
  • MATERIAL: Lightweight and colorful cardboard.

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