Wrapables Elegant Gold Foil Washi Tape and Sticker Set for Stationery, Diary, Card Making (3 Rolls & 3 Sheets)

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Our washi tape and sticker sets come in unique designs you will love decorating with. Each set has its own theme and comes in a retail box. The set comes with 3 washi rolls in various widths and 3 sheets of washi stickers. Both the washi tapes and stickers feature shiny metallic gold foil throughout for an elegant look that stands out. The set is made with high quality washi paper consisting of colorful designs in different size and shapes. Use the washi tape and sticker set for any type of arts and crafts project you like, they can be used to decorate your journals and diaries, planners, scrapbooks and photo albums, stationery such as letters and cards, and calendars. They can also be for gift wrapping to personalize your gifts. Note, these washi tapes have paper backing to them. To use the washi, remove the paper backing to expose the sticky side of the washi.

  • INCLUDES: 3 washi rolls + 3 sheets of washi stickers. Comes in a retail box.
  • DESIGNS: Each set has a different theme with unique and colorful patterns and designs. Shiny gold foil on the washi rolls and stickers for an elegant look.
  • USE: Great for arts & craft projects, decorating journals, diaries, planners, scrapbooks, photo albums, stationery, calendars, use as a part of gift wrapping or card making.
  • SIZE: Washi: 30mm / 60mm width, rolls are all 3 meters in length. Each washi sticker sheet is 3 x 3 inches, individual stickers vary in size. Retail box: 3.75L x 3.75W x 1.75H inches.
  • MATERIAL: Natural Fibers, Metallic Foil. Washi paper is not only strong, but does not leave any sticky residue when removed. NOTE: The washi tape has backing on them. Remove the backing to expose the sticky side of the washi to use.