Wrapables Gifts & Decor 4.5 Inch Chinese Dragon & Phoenix Celadon Ceramic Vase

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Chinese ceramics have been known for their excellent quality, resilient strength, and dazzling beauty. This elegant ceramic vase comes in a clear celadon glaze with an intricate dragon and phoenix design on each side. The perfect vessel for small plants and bamboo, this vase will look lovely on your desk, shelf, or anywhere in your house. The vase can also double as a pencil holder or spice jar. A perfect gift idea. Tang Tri-Color glazed ceramics are made from the finest Tang sculpture, painting, and ceramic technology. The ceramics are made of white clay coated with a metal-oxide glaze that produces distinctive colors, namely yellow, green, and white. However, Tang Tri-Color ceramics can have a variety of brilliant colored glazes ranging from one to three (and sometimes even more) colors. Common themes include compelling lifelike figurines, such as court ladies, military officials, and horses, in addition to decorative vases, jars, and utensils for everyday use. The ceramics are hand-crafted with great skill and care, ensuring a piece with the highest of quality, durability and elegance.

  • Comes with a stand. Clear celadon-colored glazed ceramic vase with intricate dragon and phoenix design.
  • Dimensions: Vase stands 4.5 inches tall; Diameter of mouth is 2.5 inches.
  • Material: Ceramic. Gift boxed.
  • Made in Taiwan.

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