Wrapables Invisible Ink Pen with UV Light, Spy Pen for Writing Secret Messages (Set of 4)

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Product Details

Kids will love playing spy games with these invisible ink spy pens. The pens come with safe and non-toxic invisible ink that can only be seen when you shine UV light from the cap of the pen on it. Write secret messages on paper, T-shirts, your skin, or just about any hard surface. The ink is permanent yet washable and flavorless. Makes great party favors, UV light comes with batteries.

  • Pens are approximately 5.5 inches long. Write secret messages with our spy pens.
  • The spy pens have invisible ink which only can be seen by shining UV light from the cap on the secret message. Permanent non-toxic ink, can write on paper, skin and even T-shirts.
  • Great as party favors. Kids will love playing spy games with these pens.
  • Material: Plastic, Non-toxic invisible ink, UV Light Cap.
  • Set comes with 4 pens.

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