Wrapables Mini Portable USB Desktop Vacuum

Price: $15.99

SKU: A73907c
Lilac Kitty
Mocha Cat
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Product Details

Clean away tiny messes such as dust and crumbs with our mini vacuum cleaner. Small, portable and easy to carry, these vacuum cleaners can be taken anywhere for cleaning. They come in a variety of cute and quirky designs that are perfect for decorating your living area as well. Use them on your keyboards, in your office, car or your home. The vacuum is rechargeable and comes with a USB cable. Simply plug it into your car charger, computer, power bank or USB charger and detach when ready to use. Charging time approximately 3 hours.

  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Comes in cute designs that are both decorative and functional, makes the perfect desktop accessory.
  • PORTABLE: Small and lightweight, fits easily in the palm of your hand; take this vacuum with you around your office, house, or car.
  • USE: Easily cleans dust, crumbs, pencil and eraser scraps, and debris from desktops, tables, keyboards, and car interior.
  • RECHARGEABLE: Comes with a USB cable to charge, simply plug it in to your car charger, computer, power bank, or USB charger and detach when fully charged. Takes about 3 hours to fully charge. Cordless. Easy on/ off switch.
  • SIZE: Depends on design. Please see size image for dimensions.