Wrapables Novelty Animal Print Crew Socks (Set of 5)

Price: $15.99

SKU: A70448c
Cute Doggy
Colorful Owl
Oh My Kitty
Cat Face
Whiskers and Paws
Moonlight Cats
Cats and Stripes
Cutie Cat
Adorable Puppy Face
Lovable Puppies
Boston Terriers
Cute Kitties

Product Details

These socks are perfect for all animal lovers. Choose from various colorful cat, dog, and owl designs that are sure to delight you. The socks are at a crew length and sit slight above the ankle. Made from a good quality cotton blend that is breathable and comfortable. Wear these socks in a casual situation to stand out or make a statement about your love for animals. Set comes with 5 different pairs of socks in a similar design.

  • Sold as a set of 5.
  • Breathable and soft socks in unique animal prints that are great for animal lovers.
  • Sock size: Women's 9-11. Sock sizes are based on the length of the foot.
  • For the most accurate fitting, please measure the length of the foot from heel to toe.
  • Dimensions: Varies depending on design. Palm of foot: Approximately 7.25 inches. Height: Approximately 5.25 inches.
  • Material: 75% cotton, 15% Spandex, 10% Elastic.

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