Wrapables Placard Chalkboard (set of 5)

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Product Details

These Chalkboards are a fun way to decorate and label your possessions around the house! Use chalk to write a message on them, and as signs to put around your house. Here are some innovative suggestions on how to use these mini chalkboards (comes in a set of 5):

  1. Use them as a card holder for table settings at a party or a wedding. Put the table number, mini menu, or names of all the people reserved for the table on the chalkboard and hang it on a wine bottle.
  2. Label dishes (and ingredients) at a buffet or reception with these chalkboards so guests will know what they are eating.
  3. Label your wines by date purchased and opened by hanging them on the neck of the bottle.
  4. Decorate gifts with these chalkboards by using them as gift tags.
  5. Organize your home and office area by using the chalkboard as a labeling tool for storage.
  6. Write important memos on the chalkboard and hang it around you as a reminder.
  7. Use the chalkboard as a sign to hang around your house or office.
  • Dimensions: 7L x 5W inches.
  • Material: Wood.