Wrapables Playful Patterns Baby & Toddler Leg Warmers (Set of 3)

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SKU: A72322c
Rainbow Stripes & Dots
Purple Tower/Ruffle/Bear
Pink Dots/Solids/Flowers
Baby Blue Dots/Clouds/Deer
Black & White Stripes/Solids/Dots

Product Details

Our Playful Patterns Baby & Toddler Leg Warmers are perfect for protecting little ones’ legs (and arms). These leg warmers are made from a blend of cotton, polyester & spandex for extra warmth and softness. They also provide extra protection for the knees and make diaper changing a breeze. Great for accenting shorts, skirts or dresses! Makes a wonderful baby shower gift. Choose from a wide variety of patterns and colors.

  • Sold as a set of 3.
  • SIZE: approx. 11"L x 3.25"W.
  • MATERIAL: Soft Cotton, Polyester, Spandex.
  • DESIGNS: Choose from a large selection of leg warmers in a variety of patterns and colors!
  • USE: Protect your baby or toddler's legs (or arms) with these leg warmers. Use when changing diapers, provide extra protection for the knee, protection from the sun or to accent shorts, skirts or dresses.