Wrapables Set of 21 Tissue Honeycomb Ball and Pom Pom Party Decorations, Blue/ Light Blue/ Aqua/ White

Price: $29.99

SKU: A69903

Product Details

Decorate your event with these fun and colorful tissue hanging party decorations. They can be used for weddings, birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, and or any special event you have in mind. The decorations are easy to create and accessorize. Use them with tassels and pennants for the ultimate party decoration. Gently store them away when not in use and use them again and again.

  • Available in various color schemes and sizes.
  • Set includes: Pom Poms: 6 x 8 inch light blue, 2 x 8 inch blue, 2 x 12 inch blue dots; honeycomb balls: 5 x 6 inch white, 3 x 10 inch white, 3 x 12 inch aqua.
  • Perfect for weddings, birthday parties, bridal and baby showers and or any special event. Goes well with other party decor.
  • Dimensions: Pom Poms, 8 inch and 12 inch diameter; honeycomb balls, 6, 10, and 12 inch diameter.
  • Material: Tissue paper.

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